Amelia Violet | Port Charlotte, FL Birth Photographer

October 24, 2014  •  6 Comments

When I left my house to go to my day job, I almost left my camera at home, but something told me to grab it.  Thankfully I listened to my instincts.  It was around 2pm when I talked to Angela's mom for the first time.  Angela was in the hospital and baby Amelia had absolutely no intention of waiting until her October 28 due date.  So I called in a co-worker to cover me and jumped in the car to head to Port Charlotte for another amazing birth session!

I arrived at the hospital in the early afternoon where Angela was most definitely in labor and in the company of her mom and Doug, her significant other.  Shortly after arriving I had to head to the waiting room with Angela's mom, Robin, so that she could get her epidural.  When we arrived back at the room an hour later, we were welcomed by a much more comfortable and relaxed Angela and our session began!

Angela had a rough pregnancy and it seemed that her labor would follow suit.  After laboring for hours, she just wasn't getting to where she needed to be.  Her contractions were not getting strong enough or consistent enough.  Poor baby Amelia was not a fan of the Pitocin so the nurses weren't really able to turn it up to help out Angela's contractions.

Despite her best efforts, the doctor recommended a c-section.  It appeared that the umbilical cord was wrapped around baby's neck not once, but twice and it was going to be the safest option for both Angela and Amelia.  Doug was so sweet.  He must have answered every question in the book when the topic of c-section came up.  

At 9:30pm, Angela was taken down the hall.  Robin helped a very nervous and excited Doug get ready to join Angela.  She even put his booties on for him!  Ten minutes or so later, the nurse came for Doug and away he went.  Robin and I chatted while we waited for the sweet couple to return with their bundle of joy.

At 9:59pm on October 18, Amelia Violet was welcomed into the world.  She weighed in at 6 pounds 13.9 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

Shortly after Amelia was born, she came back to the room with her dad.  He was so in love with her as was grandma!  Shortly after, a very tired and a very happy Angela returned.  I went on a coffee adventure with Robin while Angela did her recovery time.  After the hour was up, we returned to two very in love and over the moon parents.  Amelia was one of the quietest and calmest babies I have ever seen and oh so sweet!  It was a privilege to get to be a part of the little family's special day!




These are so special! I love the little finger and those big eyes! North Port has a fantastic newborn photographer.
Wow, so rewarding to be a birth photographer! Such a talented option for Families in Southwest Florida!
Oh these are just lovely! I love that you are able to capture the natural and raw emotions of births. Southwest Florida is so lucky to have you available as a birth photographer!
Great hospital photos. You are so flexible and capture great shots whether in a hospital or home birth settings. I'll be telling my Southwest Florida friends to contact you!
These are such powerful images. I live in Colorado now, but grew up in SWFL. When I come back to town, you'll have to do a session for me. Amazing!
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