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October 24, 2014  •  5 Comments

It was almost 9pm on Sunday.  I had just sat down to watch my Sunday Funday tv shows when I received the first phone call from Brittany.  Baby Brylee had decided she wasn't going to wait until October 30 to make her grand debut, she was coming TONIGHT and she was on her way to the hospital!  I got everything ready while I wanted for the next call from Brittany with the update.  Then the update came.  She was 4cm, her water had broken, and her midwife advised I head there RIGHT NOW!!  So off and away I went to Fort Myers for another beautiful birth.

I arrived at the hospital just after 11pm and was greeted by Brittany's husband, Jason.  My first question was, "Is she still pregnant?!"  She was indeed still pregnant and comfortably hanging out with her wonderful family.

Bets were being placed on the white board of when Brylee would arrive and how big she would be.  According to the board, the first guess was 1am. If it was right, we didn't have long to wait!  1am came and went.  2am came and went.  3am came and went.  Thankfully Brittany was resting comfortably and her mom and sister were a blast to hang out with.

Brittany's sister Ashley had her 3 month old little guy, Parker, with her.  He was so sweet, calm, and quiet!  After a while, he helped Brittany and her family play a practical joke on their friends and family.  A picture of 14 pound Parker on the scale and then in Brittany's arms (while swaddled and wearing a newborn hospital hat) were posted on Facebook.  When you're in labor all night long and can't sleep, might as well make the most of it and have some fun!

Poor Brittany was stuck at the 4cm hump.  Every couple of hours we thought for sure that she just had to be getting further along.  Her contractions were huge!  But no such luck.  She was checked again around 5am and FINALLY she had gotten to 5cm!!  It wasn't a lot of progress, but it was enough to make that light at the end of the tunnel just a little brighter.  Not even five minutes later, that tunnel got a whole lot brighter.  Brittany was feeling pressure, so she got checked again by her midwife (who just happened to be her sister!).  In less than five minutes, she had gone from 5cm to 10cm and it was go time!

At 5:41am on October 13, Brylee Ryan was delivered by her aunt Heather and welcomed into the world by her mom Brittany, dad Jason, Grandma, and Aunt Ashley (and sleeping cousin Parker). It was a beautiful, sweet, and emotional moment.  Baby Brylee weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and was 20 inches long.  Hugs were givens, tears were shed, and the room was literally glowing.  It truly was love at first sight for the entire family.



Christie Adams(non-registered)
I came upon your page while searching for a birth photographer in Fort Myers- beautiful work!
You've done it again. This is amazing! Your talent as a Fort Myers birth photographer is so obvious!
What a wonderful story! To be welcomed into the world surrounded by family! Fort Myers familie, listen up. This is the photographer you want for your home and hospital births!
This is a beautiful birth photography session- Southwest Florida has a wonderful resource in you!
Rebecca roberts(non-registered)
what a Beautifully written birth story. A great job on the photos. Congratulations on your new family member Brylee.
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