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Kinley Hope | North Port Birth Photographer

May 05, 2016  •  18 Comments

When I saw Shannon and James on Sunday, Shannon had that gorgeous expecting mama glow.  She told me that she had had a few sporadic contractions during church, but nothing to indicate the beginning of true labor.  None of us had any idea that in less than 24 hours from then baby Kinley would be here.

At 1:15am I received the first few text messages that the time was near!  Labor was starting.  While the contractions weren’t active yet, the process had definitely started.  At 5:30am, I got the phone call that the midwives were there and Ms. Kinley was getting ready to make her big debut.  I got to the Keller house at 7am and witnessed the most beautiful and peaceful birth I have ever been a part of.

Shannon had been up all night with her husband by her side every step of the way.  Despite the labor pains, Shannon was in high spirits and was the absolute sweetest laboring mom, ever.  This birth was so special and so exciting.  Not only were they welcoming a beautiful baby into the world, but this was finally a birth on their terms.  This was not just a home birth.  This was a home birth, in the water, after a cesarean and a very difficult induction. 

From going back and fourth to the tub and the bed, and even walking around, Shannon did everything she could to keep her labor progressing.  Around 10am, Shannon’s contractions started to slow down.  While still intense, they went from every 2-3 minutes to every 5-7 minutes.  While Shannon wished for her labor to go faster, this little break was exactly what she needed as she was able to take little cat naps in-between contractions.

By 11am, things were picking back up.  The midwives were helping her to get into different positions to help keep labor progressing.  The water in the tub was topped off and warmed up.  Shannon got back in the water and then suddenly it was a whirlwind.  She had wished for fast, and God had heard her request.

The midwives and I left the room to give Shannon a little space while her husband held her hand and talked her through every contraction.  Then all of a sudden we hear, “HELP! HELP!  I need help!”  The midwives run in and I followed behind them.  It was 11:58am and her water had just broken.  The midwife told her to keep breathing and that the next contraction might be a little intense.  Indeed it was.  At 12:00pm Shannon yelled for James during a contraction and he jumped in the birthing tub with her where he was able to see Kinley’s full head of hair.  One more contraction and two minutes later, Kinley Hope Keller took her first breath at 12:02pm weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces and 19 ¾ inches long.

The delivery happened so first that I’m not entirely sure Shannon realized what happened.  As she held her brand new baby, Shannon had a look of shock, awe, happiness and disbelief.  “I wanted it fast and that was so fast!”  I don’t think you could ask for faster than a four minute delivery!

The room was filled with happy tears and love.  You could feel it throughout the room and it was amazing.  Kinley was so calm and so sweet.  And so hungry!  She latched right on and made breastfeeding look way too easy!  She even managed to poop on her mom (twice) and eat a second time all before she was an hour old!

This was such an amazing birth and I am so thankful to Shannon and James for choosing me to be a part of such a special day!





Teresa James(non-registered)
Absolutely beautful!!!
These are. Beautiful! What a great job capturing this birth story!!
Andrea Krey(non-registered)
I have a friend in the North Port area and she is looking for a Birth Photographer. I will send you her email address. Great pictures!
You are such a talented photographer! What great images for this family to cherish forever. I have a friend looking for a North Port birth photographer. I'll give them your info!
Oh she is just a doll. That is crazy how quickly she was born. Thank goodness North Port has a newborn photographer like you who was able to capture every single beautiful moment.
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